How I Deal With Crazy Dogs and Puppies with Photos

How to Deal Crazy Dogs and Puppies Photos
 I love funny dogs, especially the puppies, who else wouldn’t feel awe in their cuteness and their very friendly nature, unfortunately there are also crazy dogs that will give you goose bumps and heart attack. LOL. I remembered a few years ago while walking on the street I encounter a dog, sitting and watching the vehicles passing by, to me that dog looks kind and well trained. But, after passing it suddenly barks loudly near in my butt and it really freaks me out! Like WTF! Although it didn’t bite me or run after me but, it still gives me a heart panic and hard breathing, I can’t explain how nervous I was that time. Maybe because I let my guard down and didn’t expect that it was a crazy dog. LOL by the way when I said crazy dog, it’s the dog that’s hard to deal with and very unpredictable not literally insane dogs that bite anyone it sees.

 Places Where Crazy Dogs Lives

 Places like streets that aren’t visited regularly by people or places that there are only few people who walk or pass by. Dogs that live in that neighborhood thinks that everyone that passes are suspicious and they will bark at you like there’s no tomorrow. LOL and whenever one dog started barking the whole dogs around the area will also start barking. LOL

There are also instances that even in urban areas there are still crazy dogs. Most likely those dogs are caged by their owners at the backyard and whenever their owner lets them out it will see everyone outside as suspicious and will bark like there’s no tomorrow again.

 Methods I Deal with Crazy Dogs
 Below are my methods on how I deal with these crazy dogs. Note that I’m not an expert in dogs, nor studied their behaviors these things that I’m going to share are the things that works for me. A 100% base on experiences.

1. If you spot a Dog in a specific place and it seems to be alert and looking at you. Just act normally and walk like no worries. Because when you show to them that you’re doubting and nervous they will see you as suspicious and start barking like they’re throwing you out of their territories.

2. If it starts barking, do not be afraid, just continue walking and ignore them. Once again if you show that you’re scared and doubting they will bark even louder.

 3. If by chance you’ve observed that it will really bite if you continue on walking just stop and look observe your surroundings and act like you are picking stones. They will feel threatened and It will try to run away from you. Then continue to walk again. Note: Some time ago I’ve seen young kids do this acting of picking stones, but the dogs seem not afraid. I think it also affects the height of a person?

4. If you happen to be carrying something big and like TV, broken bicycle, Stand Fan, etc. Just understand it. They will surely bark at you because they will see you odd and suspicious. It’s their nature. Just do Step 1 and 2.

5. Be sure that you’re walking straight and your footsteps are not making unnecessary sounds.

Have you encountered these situations too? What did you do? I will really appreciate It if you could teach me more tips. ^_^

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